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for those times you felt alive [entries|friends|calendar]

Every drawing that I drew was never ever as cute as you.
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August 29th At 2:40PM]

my new journal.
add it?
Take it back to square one.

February 25th At 7:29PM]

uh yeah so I got a new LJ
also, ayriel is the biggest hooker ever.

Take it back to square one.

July 6th At 4:59PM]
ilost my best friend today.
kayla [my dog] was diagnosed with bone cancer.
we just put her down.
it was the hardest thing ever.
thanks to everyone who came with.
i love you all.
especially alyssa♥ambre♥&ashlyn♥

[ps. happy birthday aly&justizzle!]
6 // Take it back to square one.

April 6th At 5:01PM]
pea ess.
i'm making a new eljay.
it will be way more personal than this one.
so most of you won't be added.
5 // Take it back to square one.

March 28th At 5:20PM]
today after school, i went to the sixes with brian
it was pretty much amazing.
they skated&i secretly took pictures.

my mother got the hula hoops out of storage
ashley's sleeping over.
i♥my friends.
i'm getting a car soon

seriously. how could my life get better?
oh wait. it can'ttttttt.
Take it back to square one.

March 5th At 8:20PM]
my boyfriend&i are going to the taste of chaos tomorrow.
which hotties want to meet up?
5 // Take it back to square one.

February 19th At 2:47PM]
my boyfrienddddddddd
brian thomas♥♥&i
leave for baltimore early tuesday morning.
&are coming back friday morningggg.
Take it back to square one.

February 13th At 6:24PM]
like, honestly.
my life is just amazing right now.
amber, julia, sam, kristen, and christianne are just some of the
most amazing girls i've ever met.
mike shugars is the best boy i've ever met, especially
when i just need to talk to someone, he lets me bitch.
keith cheers me up. and i really love him a lot.
stephanie&jacqui&johanna&maggie define my eternal support group.
'mummy get my crutches i have to poop'
i love my smelly dirty greasy mexican.
she never fails to put a smile on my face.
i love ashley, because chances are, [99.9% of the time]
she knows what i'm going through&or has already gone through it.

oh loveeeeee♥
1 // Take it back to square one.

December 28th At 10:09AM]

i miss my friends.
but hey.

anybody remember when?Collapse )

13 // Take it back to square one.

November 11th At 3:30PM]
i like watermelon candy canes.
&alt ed kids.
&alyssa bourgeois (and the text messages she sends me)
&my skanky girl julia
&talking sex with amber
&discussing being sick with sam
&kissing my boyfriend
&my branden&his mom&her mom
&couples that find love in highschoollikeamberandmike!
&ambrelita lynn *insert mexican last name here* davidson. just everything about herrrr.
&brian wearing my peacoat
&getting comments from maggie.

so, you know, it really just doesn't take much to make me happy.
1 // Take it back to square one.

November 5th At 8:45PM]
hey sup i got internet back finally.
and the longest yard is officially the FUNNIEST movie i've ever seen.
i'm pretty sure i lost about ten pounds from laughing this weekend.
i [andheartsFREAKINGsemicolon] ambre&brian&dave.
3 // Take it back to square one.

October 5th At 10:26PM]
KILL MY PANTS. ambre and i are AMAZING. fall out boy in five-oh days =D
1 // Take it back to square one.

October 3rd At 8:29PM]
yeah i like kayne west sup?
4 // Take it back to square one.

September 27th At 9:44PM]
stolen from maggie.
simply because i love it.
and her.
and it applies to SO many people in my life right now.

It's over.
We're done.
Get ran over by a big truck and have fun.
1 // Take it back to square one.

September 27th At 1:09PM]
is coming to the station.
to go.
or not go go.

+finch DUH
-it's at the station
-about half the kids there won't even know who finch is, they'll just go because it's a show at the station and they're OH SO SCENE.
+i've been waiting to see them for about four or five years.
-did i mention overload of "scene" kids?

i need to get out of this state.
8 // Take it back to square one.

September 27th At 12:28PM]

so pretty much i LOVE people who believe everything they hear.
i really do.
they just make my life that much better.
especially when it's not true.
and they don't even ask the person if it's true or not.
they just assume its true.
a   m   a   z    i   n   g


and now for some REAL amazing people =]Collapse )

pee.ess. i really want to go to scarborough. why?
because it'd be a LOT better than dealing
with a whole bunch of cunts everyday at westbrook.

9 // Take it back to square one.

September 26th At 9:02PM]
to everyone whos saying shit about me,
just shut the fuck up.
shut the fuck up about me and stone.
you're just a bunch of fucking rumor starters and i'd really appreciate it if you'd shoot yourself.
what happens BETWEEN ME AND CORY should fucking STAY between us.

i guess we're not friends anymore?
i'm not really sure what's going on with us.
but i guess i'm supposedly spreading rumors about you.
i'm not.
and if you're spreading rumors about me,
i'd appreciate it if you'd stop.
although you're too good for that.
so i guess posting this is pointless.

i realize you're friends with both me and cory.
but just shut up about anything you hear.
i am seriously this close to killing your phillipenis ass.
people need to stop believing everything they hear.
all the friends are being deleted off this eljay.
im no longer using it.
just for communities.
it just causes drama.
and people only use it to make other people feel like shit.
along with aim.
dont be surprised if im never on anymore.

like one of my most amazing friends says,
"it's just drama. ignore it."
basically chaz knows everything.
he's been through high school.
you're still in it.
aka you dont.

September 26th At 8:33PM]
you just really need to throw in the towel.
and end your life.
and stop being so obsessed with mine.

September 23rd At 3:17PM]
if anyone knows where brian york is, tell me or ambre.
because he's pretty much our best friend. and we're scared as fuck
because no one knows where he is.
so tell us.
2 // Take it back to square one.

September 20th At 10:09PM]
im making a lot of changes
with who my friends are
and who i hang out with.
and i'm going to stop hanging out with people
just for the sake of hanging out.
6 // Take it back to square one.

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